Registration Instructions:


-Across the top of each calendar, you will find weekly dates.  

-Down the left side are the lesson times.   

-If the corresponding cell is blank, there are no lessons available for that time/week choice. Look for numbers!  These numbers represent how many instructors are waiting for lessons to fill their schedule.**The number shown in each time slot represents how many lessons are available at that time**

  *All lessons are 5 consecutive days.  Most of our lessons begin on Mondays,                                                                                                                         with the exception of holidays (noted in red) and special instructor schedules (noted in purple)*


1. View the options below.

2. Use the SEND MESSAGE FORM at the bottom of the page to request your desired lessons.    

3.  Wait to receive an email and invoice for payment options.  

(863) 808-0189

PO Box 6276
Lakeland, FL 33807

   SenD US an Email Message to register


Please view the calendars. Then use the address below to send us an email.  

Be sure to give us the following information:

1.  child's age

2.  start date and time 

              that you are interested in 

3.  phone number

              in case we have questions 


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