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Why Sponsor?

Aqua Tots Swim School has been a vital part of the Lakeland community for eight years.  We have had the privilege of blessing many children and families with the skills they need to be safe and enjoy the water.  However, we feel there is a huge opportunity upon us, and we would like your help.

Are you aware of the many benefits of swim lessons?  Our private swim lessons encourage new abilities in the areas of fine and gross motor development, language, emotional skills and social skills. Each week, parents are involved in the lesson progress and are encouraged to support their swimmer.  This inevitably leads to an enrichment of the parent-child relationship, as well. Aqua Tots swim lessons, have proven to be a success and have helped many children develop confidence and enhance self-image.  Seeing a scared child transform into a confident swimmer in just a few lessons is one of the most rewarding benefits of our lessons.

How can you help?

As we project into next year, we invite you to support our efforts and help us reach out to our community.   Our goal for the 2016 swim season is to be available for a part of the community that, otherwise, may not be able to attend Aqua Tots.  We plan to join with local elementary schools in order to offer scholarships to 50 children through business sponsors, such as yourself.    Each scholarship will provide one child with the skills that could potentially save their life.  Included in the scholarship funds will be an Aqua Tots Swim School prize (t-shirt, water bottle, etc.), a personalized certificate of completion, and a swimming medal for each child.

There is no such thing as drown-proofing a child. There is always a risk when children are playing near or in a body of water.   Therefore, all of our families will also receive priceless information and education on water safety.  

Sponsorship Levels  

                            Gold: $600            Silver:  $400              Bronze: $200 

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