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Private Lessons - Adults

Our swim lessons are offered for children 12 months and older, in private, heated pools at our south Lakeland facility.   Swimming lessons are one instructor and one child. Classes consist of five, 20 to 30-minute sessions.

  • Rate for FIVE 20-30 minute sessions (one week) $200*
  • $10 discount for siblings booked at the same time.
  • Awards will be given at the conclusion of lessons.
  • Private lessons slots available each week: 8:30am-6:30pm
  • Schedule your private swimming session early to ensure your desired week and time.                                                                      .

Infant/Toddler (12 months - 36 months)

What's the best age to start swim lessons? May we prompt you to consider a few things?  Do you have a pool at home? Do you have access to a pool to continue working on skills learned?  If not, we recommend waiting until 18 months to begin instruction.  Developmentally, the difference between a 12 month old and an 18 month old is huge.  So much happens during this developmental stage. Gross motor and cognitive thinking skills increase tremendously as children explore and take in the world around them.

In one week, we teach young swimmers all of the age appropriate swim skills.  Beginning at 12 months old, our swimmers will learn basic introductory water skills.  At this age, swim lessons will encourage new abilities in the areas of motor development, language, emotional and social skills.  Swimmers will also become acclimated to the water and learn to enjoy the sensations associated with movement in the water. We will work on skills such as kicking, putting face in water, holding breath, floating, and reaching for a fixed destination.  Swimmers in this age group will most likely still be 'hands on' at the end of one week.  On the last day we will equip you with the skills to continue practicing at home. 

In addition to the skills mentioned above, toddlers will learn to propel themselves to the wall/steps independently should they fall accidentally into the water.  Lessons will help develop confidence in the child’s ability to learn and enhance self-image in the upper part of the age span.  All children develop at different rates, but most swimmers who finish our program at 18-22 months are capable of completing the skills taught in one week and performing them semi-independently.  

*There is no such thing as drown-proofing your child. There is always a risk when children are playing near or in pool. Please make it a point to never let your child play alone or out of your reach.

Preschoolers (3 - 5 years)

Lessons can become very skill oriented at this age. Preschool age children can learn to propel themselves independently in the water, learn safety skills for themselves, learn to call for help for others and they can learn basic stroke skills.  They can learn to sustain themselves independently in the water for extended periods of time.  Preschoolers also learn to love and have a healthy respect for the water.  They typically enjoy swimming "games" and "playing" on and around the stairs.

School Age (6 and up)

Beginners will work to master all of the skills above, as well as learn water safety skills, float on their front and back, and swim to the side or stairs safely. Swimmers begin working toward swimming all four competitive strokes for a short distance. They will work on endurance and begin lap swimming.  Advanced children will learn the 4 competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly).  They will also continuously improve their strokes.  Once swimmers have learned these skills, they are ready to begin working toward swim team. 

What's next?

Parent Recommendations: The five, 30-minute lessons are intense and goal-driven.  Please make it a goal to take the information you learn in the 5th session and practice 1-2 times a week for the next 4-6 weeks. At this point, your child will be ready to learn a new set of skills and advance.  Aqua Tots Swim School is designed with the goal of saving you money and time. Instead of taking back-to-back weeks of lessons, which gets expensive, you use the next 4-6 weeks to 'lock in' the skills learned. At this time (4-6 weeks later), your child will most likely be ready to learn a new set of skills and advance.

Swim Lessons - Children

A                                    program

​​​​Policies and Procedures
Although we encourage parents/guardians to be active and knowledgeable about their swimmer’s learning experience, parents/guardians are not allowed to be on the deck during lessons so the instructors can have the participant’s full attention.
-Parents/responsible party must remain on site for each lesson (no matter the age of the participant) to escort children safely to and from the restroom when needed, or to be available in cases of emergencies, inclement weather, or questions.
-Each child should bring his/her own towel to class.
-Before entering the pool area, please have your child/children do the following things:
                     Remove food,  gum or candy from mouth
                     Remove all adhesive bandages
                     Use the restroom
-After each lesson, please be available for the instructor to give updates and feedback on your swimmer’s progress.


-Lessons are scheduled using the SEND MESSAGE FORM on the REGISTRATION page of our website.

-Lessons are NOT SECURED until full payment is received.  Payment must be made in full by the TUESDAY prior to lessons' start date. 

-Lessons not paid on time will be released to the public and the families will be notified.

-Failure to begin/complete lessons without rescheduling in a reasonable timeline will result in cancellation fees of no less than half of the prorated monies (timeline to be determined on a case-by-case basis).  

-NO CALL/NO SHOW lessons will be contacted by our staff and may be rescheduled with a rescheduling fee of $40/swimmer).


-When lightning is within 5-6 miles (flash to bang 30-35), we will evacuate to safe areas.  The pool will be cleared of all participants for thunder and lightning within said range and will remain clear for 30 minutes after each additional occurrence.

-On days where inclement weather is occurring, the decision to cancel a time slot of lessons will be made up to 30 minutes before that lesson is scheduled to begin. Any canceled lessons will result in a make-up day*

-If swim lessons are taking place in the water and inclement weather occurs, there must be 20+ minutes left of the lesson for it to be moved to a makeup day*


-Make-up days will be determined by Aqua Tots and will typically fall within one week following your originally scheduled lessons.

-If participants choose to not participate in the make-up day, the lesson will not be rescheduled or refunded.




Our main goal for Aqua Adults non-swimmers is to be comfortable and able to care for themselves in shallow and deep water.  We will help you set up achievable goals, assist you as you work toward those goals, and celebrate with you once you've met those goals.

Adult lessons consist of 3 sessions, 45 minutes each day and are available only during limited time slots.  The rate for the initial 3 sessions is $200.  All lessons take place at our south Lakeland facility where we provide indoor, heated pools.  At the end of the week we will review the skills learned and provide you with the basic information you need to help keep your new skills a splashing success as you practice on your own.  Once the swimmer is comfortable, we can discuss more lesson options and how to proceed toward each swimmers' ultimate personal goals.  Follow-up sessions can be booked as needed/upon request.